Launching a Lecture

Kristen & Louise teachingCommunity Resources for Children brought us up to Napa on two Saturdays last November to speak to a wonderful audience of parents and caregivers on Bully Prevention through Positive Parenting.

The first lecture was delivered by Louise, with Kristen assisting, and covered the basics of positive parenting, including new strategies and ideas. One parent was astonished at our technique for eliminating whining and came back to report her success two weeks later.

The second lecture was a tour through The Bullying Antidote, led by Kristen with Louise reading. This presentation was re-designed in March into a workshop called Beyond Bullying (for middle school audiences) and Immune to Bullying (for pre-school parents).

Our feedback was positive and helpful. One woman asked,  “Can you teach a class just for the mens?” (Answer: We’d love to!) “Your class was so inspiring for me,” wrote another woman, who took our “Weather Report” grand finale to new levels with her foster kids!

Thank you, Napa community! Our hearts are with you in the aftermath of your shaking… we hope your families are staying positive, and we hope to be back to see you soon.

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