Take a Peek Inside a Trauma-Sensitive School

What other schools might see as bullying, San Francisco’s El Dorado Elementary recognizes as children acting out trauma. Check out these excerpts from an ACEs Too High article… that reported an 89% drop in suspensions!

“Many teachers and principals think kids’ “bad” behavior is deliberate, and that the kids can control it. But it’s often not and they can’t – not without help, says Dorado. Their behaviors are a normal response to stresses they’re not equipped to deal with. Throwing a punch makes sense if they’re jumping in to defend their mother from an alcoholic raging father; screaming in fury is a normal reaction to a bully who continuously harasses them. But when the raised voice of a teacher or a counselor who’s criticizing them inadvertently triggers the same response, these behaviors look “abnormal, rude, or inappropriate,” says Dorado. “So, they’re getting kicked out of class and disengage from school. That puts our kids at incredible risk for later problems, including imprisonment.”

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I’m Rubber, We’re Glue

Come to the San Ramon Valley PTA’s parent ed night on October 15, and hear our twist on this classic playground retort that was once the recommended way to deal with a bully.  Click here to register—and share!

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Wed., October 15, 2014, 7-9pm at Iron Horse MS MPR.  “Regardless of your child’s academic skills or struggles, the ability to be assertive in relationships with peers, teachers, and future employers affects his or her ultimate life success. Kristen Caven and Dr. Louise Hart will share specific parenting tips to help you identify and practice skills to help your school-smart child become a life-smart citizen, your timid and fearful child become confident and comfortable, and your struggling passive learner become a determined invested learner, regardless of the age. “

IMAGINE: A Life Without Bullying

Our 2014 press release:

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, but local authors Louise Hart Ed.D. and Kristen Caven see bullying as a power dynamic that requires attention every day of the year. They wrote their well-researched book, The Bullying Antidote: Superpower Your Kids for Life so that parents can have a better understanding of how to help their kids avoid being bullied—or becoming bullies. “Parents will look for this book when their children go to middle school,” said Caven in an interview with Luan Stauss of Laurel Books, “but parents of preschoolers will get the most out of it.” Continue reading