“Covers more aspects of bullying than other sources.”

We wanted to share this wonderful review on Amazon. It has been edited slightly to include both authors:

The Bullying Antidote by Louise Hart and Kristen Caven triumphs as an in-depth guide to the troubling world of bullying. The authors speak throughout the book with candor and much study to support their statements. They also cover more aspects of bullying than other sources I have found. Mental illness is rarely included in discussions of bullying; Dr. Hart explores this in great detail. The section of chapter 1 entitled “Sharing the Responsibility” was particularly engaging, and full of anecdotes that might be quoted in any discussion of abuse among children and adolescents. 

A continuous theme of the book is that no single source shoulders all of the responsibility for bullying, but instead many levels of environment and society lend to these unfortunate scenarios. Another great strength of the book is that it empowers the reader to take an active role in combating cultural trends that lead to children behaving violent. Caven and Hart go into how one should speak to children about the importance of peace, and being critical thinkers instead of passive consumers of conflicting media. Many examples of how fostering a child’s need to feel accepted and engaged with their peers in a healthy way can be approached in so many ways, and the guide remains adaptable to almost any situation and scenario. Conflict between children of different cultural identities and gender is also explored. Hart and Caven encourage the reader to engage children in the conversation of bullying, what it means, and what consequences it could yield. For an in-depth trove of easy-to-implement strategies in abuse prevention, look no further than this great book!

—Omar Cosme, Amazon Reviewer

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