Discussion Questions: Introduction

Our discussion groups have begun! We will be posting chapters weekly until the end of May. Feel free to pick up a book and read along… or download the chapter right from this post! (For a limited time.) Respond with your thoughts in the comments.

Connecting the Dots: from Bullying to Breakthrough

DOWNLOAD Introduction (english only)

This chapter opens the conversation with an overview of the book. To get off to a good start, get an overview of the group. Each person should introduce themselves and say what they want to get out of this reading group.

The first statement in this book is that bullying is a dynamic, “defining the issue as a power structure problem that can be changed with awareness, knowledge, and skills.”

Q: Have you ever been a victim of bullying? Have you ever been a bully? Were you labeled either way? Was the situation changed with awareness? Could it have been?

We give the antidote to bullying a name: Zorgos! There are many aspects to this “superpower.” The word comes from the Esperanto, “I will take care.

Q: Who do you know who embodies the idea of Zorgos? What does this word mean to you?

Answer any question you choose, or use the standard conversation kick-starter:

Q: What sentence jumped out at you? Why?

Reply in the Comments, below!

Chapter 1 >>

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