Discussion Questions: Chapter One

“And How Are the Children?”

DOWNLOAD 1. And How Are The Children

This chapter starts with a Masai greeting that shows children’s well-being is the highest cultural value, then delivers the bad news, that a UNICEF study has shown the U.S. as the lowest on the list of developed countries when it comes to child wellness.

A list of our ugliest social problems follows, showing how crime, child abuse, substance abuse, school shootings, date rape, poverty, privilege, materialism, gender difference, immigration, sexual preference, and mental illness are all tied up in the dynamics of bullying.

So there is only one question to begin with:

Q: Are the children you know well or not well?

Additional questions posed by this chapter are:

  • How are we, as a people, teaching kids to be violent?
  • How can we, as parents, change the terrible patterns of history?
  • How do we stop enabling bullying?
  • Where, exactly is the national conscience?

These will all be addressed in the course of the book.

The chapter ends with one of Albert Einstein’s most delightful quotes: “Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Discuss the final question:

Q: Imagine…what kind of world do you want your children to grow up in?

This question is also a good conversation-starter:

Q: What sentence, paragraph, or idea popped out at you, or stuck with you after reading?

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