Donald Trump on “The Bullying Antidote”

Donald Trump is doing a lot of speaking these days. It has influenced children, and his hate speech is creating back-to-school woes. What if he told the truth instead? He could quote The Bullying Antidote and share wisdom instead. We posted these memes on our Facebook Page in August.

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All-American Bully

Here at the Zorgos Reader, we have been observing America’s powerful attraction to the irreverent charm of Donald Trump.  No matter how many stories of his racist speech, his sexist attitudeshis unethical business practices, or his rudeness to just about everybody come out, his poll numbers stay strong. But politics are often where we see bullying and Zorgos most clearly.

Here is a concept you can share with others to create conversation.

The reason Trump may be so beloved by his supporters is that a lot of Americans relate to the bullying dynamic. A bully’s true power comes from his or her followers, who support and encourage their bravado and dominance. Allying with a bully makes an insecure person feel stronger. The Bullying Antidote is about laws that provide systemic fairness and good leadership that protects the weak from those who would exploit or dominate them.

We have enlisted Mr. Trump to help us get the word out…

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Bullying doesn't always look like bullying

And here is a psychological assessment of Trump.