The Zorgos Reader is the online companion to The Bullying Antidote by Dr. Louise Hart and Kristen Caven. Unlike other books by bullying experts, this book takes a wide view of the bullying dynamic and draws from the best information available by dozens of bullying experts, parents, schools, and outside-the-box thinkers.

The Bullying Antidote: Superpower Your Kids for Life  was written in collaboration by:

  • Louise Hart, Ed.D., a community psychologist dedicated to creating family and school environments in which children thrive, who has conducted seminars for thousands of parents and educators nationwide and is the author of three books;
  • Kristen Caven, Louise’s daughter and thinking partner, author and blogger, parent leader, and mother of a teen, and
  • Hazelden, a hundred-year-old institution dedicated to helping adults recover from addiction and heal from abuse and trauma;

The idea behind the book is that bullying does NOT need to be seen as a normal part of childhood, and that parents have enormous influence to prevent it from happening in their families and communities. In addition to practical advice on how to handle bullying events, The Bullying Antidote gives a deep understanding of all of the ins and outs of the bullying dynamic, from historical perspectives to brain activity, and how to  build a different way of being in the family.

There are four main functions of this blog:

  • A NOTES page where readers can find quick links to the resources listed in the book’s endnotes;
  • A BLOG readers can subscribe to (see Follow Blog to the right) that provides additional developments and insights on how the bullying antidote is being applied in the world (and event announcements);
  • An EVENTS CALENDAR where readers can connect with the authors about upcoming events; and
  • A DISCUSSION GUIDE for readers who wish to explore their own issues and ideas about what is in the book. The discussion guide can be used in parenting workshops or book clubs, or readers can comment and discuss on each page.