School Programs

How to change bullying dynamics in your school? There are many great programs available, but truly changing a culture of bullying does not fully occur unless the parent community is involved and committed. We suggest parents read The Bullying Antidote together in conjunction with school efforts, or to create a change group that will inform school efforts. The authors are available to make school presentations.

The primary prevention examples given in this book are OBPP, Harlem Children’s Zone’s Baby College, Tribes, Safe & Caring Schools, Squash Circles, Roots of Empathy, Reading Buddies, school clubs and enrichment, and community programs like Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Secondary prevention examples are Bully Guards, Safe School Ambassadors, Trauma-Sensitive Schools, and the tertiary example is Restorative Justice.

Here are some school programs that can help shift things with families, kids, school cultures:



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Jane Bluestein

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Additionally, many resources are mentioned in the notes in back of the book as well as here on this site.