Discussion Guide: Chapter Two

Enormous Changes in Society

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This chapter looks at how our modern lives have changed family connection. Choose some questions.

Q: What might your ancestral family structure have looked like? How has your family “acculturated?”

Q: How have you experience culture shock, culture fatigue, or future shock? Have your children experienced it?

Q: In the “Pendulum Swing” of parenting styles, how would you say the last few generations have gone in your family? What is your parenting style?

Q: In what ways are you or are you not a “Whatever Parent?”

Q: How much or how little are screens a part of your family?

Q: Does the “typical family dinner” describe your evenings with family?

This question is also a good conversation-starter:

Q: What sentence, paragraph, or idea popped out at you, or stuck with you after reading?

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Plan a family dinner the way your “ancestors” (parents, grandparents, or generations back) might have gathered. Ask your kids how they think times have changed.

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