Add your voice to The Zorgos Project!

100 Thousand Poets (and Artists and Musicians) for Change invites writers, artists, musicians, dancers, and all creatives to explore the concept of “Zorgos,” which symbolizes the pro-active personal power that shifts us out of negative power dynamics, reduces fear, and grows positive social connections.

What does Zorgos mean to you?

“Zorgos” is from the Esperanto word for “I will take care,” and was coined in the 2014 book, The Bullying Antidote. Read an excerpt here.

Explore Zorgos.jpg


Create something new or submit existing work that:

  1. incorporates the word “Zorgos” in the title or the text, and
  2. shines a light on the moment where we make the shift from a downward to an upward spiral.

See what others have expressed!


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