The Zorgos Project

Zorgos is the superpower that prevents bullying, inspired by the esperanto word for “I will take care.”

The Zorgos Project donated 3,000 FREE copies of The Bullying Antidote to Oakland schools, churches, families, and community organizations who wish to create cultural change by increasing their knowledge of positive parenting. (See participating organizations here.) A Discussion guide provides a complete toolkit for creating meaningful conversations about family history, healing, and making choices to protect and support our kids.

We completed our project on “Zorgos Day,” October 15, 2017. Read about The Zorgos Awards here. Learn how to give your own Zorgos Awards here!


All free books have been distributed. See the wiki for recipients. Order additional books from Amazon or from the authors.

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We are a group of volunteers and organizations who worked together to raise money to ship a donation of three tons of the book, The Bullying Antidote: Superpower Your Kids for Life, and disperse all 3000 copies throughout Oakland. With this resource, parents can collectively gain a deeper understanding of bullyng dynamics,  learn stronger positivity skills, and more successfully prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences for the next generation. By creating reading groups, parents can learn a common language of compassionate solutions that will unify and uplift our diverse community. Supporting each other, parents can build literacy, community, and a higher sense of well-being that will create a stronger culture of capability and connection in families and schools alike. This well-researched book was written by Oakland parents and informed by local schools, showing how our strengths can provide solutions to a global and deeply rooted historical problem. Our website is and the resource blog for The Bullying Antidote is www.zorgos.wordpress.comZorgos is esperanto for “I will take care.”

Author Dr. Louise Hart with 3 tons of her books for Oakland

Author and family educator Dr. Louise Hart poses with the three tons of books on the day of their arrival. Their journey began at East Bay Church of Religious Science and Oakland Parents Together in November, 2015.

Completing the book giveaway at a back to school rally.

“Team Zorgos” representatives preparing to pass the last 800 books out at the Oakland Natives Give Back Attend & Achieve Rally 8/13/2017. We spoke to hundreds of parents who are working to create positive change. — at Frank Ogawa Plaza.